ASCE was established to tap the expertise of university security, compliance, export control, and cybersecurity personnel to help address the threat foreign adversaries pose to U.S. institutions of higher learning. In coordination with a number of federal partners, ASCE’s mission is to increase awareness and provide the tools for countering foreign influence in our colleges and universities. Learn more ...


ASCE is a nationwide, academia-led effort that provides a forum for addressing the foreign threat to U.S. academic research.

Team Effort

There are more than 250+ members representing 150+ universities.


ASCE hosts an annual seminar, and provides a variety of resources for increasing awareness of the foreign threat to academia.

2020 Seminar Registration Open

March 2-6, 2020 in College Station, Texas - In its fourth year, the Academic Security and Counter Exploitation Program’s annual higher education seminar brings together experts from federal law enforcement and intelligence services, academia, and the private sector to examine, promote awareness of, and counter the threat posed by foreign influence and theft of academic research.

The Texas A&M University System's Role

ASCE is coordinated by The Texas A&M University System Research Security Office as a service to the academic community.